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Febriman Siregar dan Rekan

The service we provide includes valuation of assets /property, valuation of shares, and management consulting services, such as a Business Feasibility Study, Highest and Best Use Study, Project Monitoring, Fairness Opinion, and other services.

Our Services


Valuation of property /assets is an activity to find the value estimate of tangible assets, such as:

  • Valuation of land and buildings and its appurtenances, and other developments on the land
  • Valuation of installations and equipment assembled in one unit and /or standing alone used in the production process
  • Valuation of transportation vehicles, heavy equipment, communication equipment, health equipment, laboratory and utility equipment, office equipment and furniture.
  • Valuation of agricultural, plantation, husbandry, fishery, and forestry subjects.
  • Valuation of mining
  • Valuation of stocks and other matters

Valuation of a property /asset can be made in the interest of :

  • Loan security for banking purposes
  • Financial Report
  • Insurance Purposes
  • Sales Purchase /Transaction Purposes
  • Taxation Purposes
  • Merger and Liquidation of Companies


Share Valuation /Business Valuation is an effort to predict the value of a company  /shares /participation, by considering many interests in and ownership of Business and transactions and Activities which give effects to the Company value.

The Coverage of Share Valuation is as follows:

  • Valuation of business entity /operation
  • Valuation of share participation
  • Valuation of Securities, including derivatives thereof
  • Valuation of rights and obligations of the Company
  • Valuation of intangible Asset
  • Estimation of economic damage caused by a specific activity or event to support various corporate acts or on a material transaction
  • Fairness Opinion

Share Valuation is required when a company executes /exercises:

  • a merger a acquisition
  • a restructuring of company
  • a divestment of part of shares and private displacement
  • separation from a partnership / partnership dissolution
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) and privatization


A Feasibility Study Report is a comprehensive study on a new business or business expansion plan to allow it to give an illustration to the management and banks /investors related to the plan.

To support accuracy of calculation of the project feasibility, several analysis will be made, covering analysis on general & legal, organization & management aspects, marketing, operational social economy, risk and financial aspects.

A Feasibility Study is required when a Company executes:

  • Construction of New Plant /Business
  • an Expansion of Business
  • a Restructuring of Loan
  • a Takeover of Loan
  • a Refinancing


An HBU study is related to the Company to optimize its land assets. In this case, optimal is interpreted as selection of products which match the characteristics of foundation, most marketable, give highest profit financially and match the regulations applicable on the asset.

This study is required when a Company wants to optimize its assets which was once developed but was not optimal, or on the assets not yet developed at all.


In general, the bank and the creditors will appoint a consultant to run a monitoring on financial activities of the Company, with the expectation that the usage of loan granted matches the proposal and the granted loan can return.

Project Monitoring is carried out to protect, secure, and monitor the execution of bank’s /creditor’s decisions. More over, it is also carried out to maintain continuity of Company operational activities to match the management plan, and to find obstacles occurring on field.


Other Services we provided:

  •   Business Plan
  •   Infomemo
  •   Market Research
  •   Financial Advisory